A guide to self-love: Loving the man im becoming

I want to make a toast, but before you keep reading, grab a glass, Heres to Los

A Guide To Self-love

Heres to Los, you’ve come a long way from the cornrows and coogi, but haven’t made it that far because you still cant afford Gucci. You’ve made it through colored braces, thousands of self-given nicknames, and a handful of car accidents. But i must admit, for someone who claims to be an introvert, you know how to attract people; you make life long friends and leave lasting impressions on everyone you meet. So let’s toast to the evolution, we remember the caterpillar named CocoLoso, and are thankful for the chrysalis stage of SpaceGhostLos but here’s to the monarch butterfly named LosWithTheeMost.

I wouldn’t say i was the popular kid in high school even though some people may tell you otherwise. Nor was I the lonely kid who ran like Naruto to every class, i was somewhere comfortably in the middle. With a solid group of friends who could find fun sitting in a Mcdonald’s parking lot for hours and a supporting family, my life seemed pretty straightforward. But for some reason, deep down i wasn’t happy. Most teens feel this way and go through some identity crisis as they look to discover which social group they belong to. Still, my search for self-realization stayed with me through college and into adulthood. I always found myself looking for satisfaction within others, and I told myself if those around me were happy, then it was okay if i wasn’t. But what about me, what about the things that make me happy? Why is it that I go out my way to make sure i don’t inconvenience others, but this feeling isn’t reciprocated. I had to learn to love myself out loud and be who I am unapologetically, even if that meant making others feel uncomfortable.


A guide to self-love picture of myself

“Do you love yourself ?” most people would respond yes, but what does that mean? Loving yourself requires forgiveness, patience, and a mindset of growth. You will spend your years making thousands of mistakes, and if you continue to beat yourself up, you’ll never get up. Whoever said, “patience is a virtue” didn’t lie, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither was love, so just keep pressing on. Understand that love is a feeling process, and it grows with you, the more you develop, the more your love should too. I am not perfect, and sometimes I do relapse. But, day in and day out im learning to love who I am and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made as a hungry little caterpillar. If any of you struggle with self-identity and loving yourself, understand that you are not alone. The mistakes you’ve made have helped you get to this current stage, so be thankful for the lessons and receptive to the blessings. So if youre ready to make a change, and put yourself first repeat this infamous lyrics. “Let’s toast, Let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate wealth, and bypass plight, for the night, Drinks up”

Let’s toast, Let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate wealth, and bypass plight, for the night, Drinks up”